Where is the citric acid in Re-Lyte products sourced from?

We use the same citric acid in our flavored Re-Lyte mixes. It's sourced from fermented cassava and is kosher-certified, halal-certified, and Non-GMO Project Verified.

Our supplier performs the citric acid fermentation with a safe strain of aspergillus niger, a species of mold. (Don’t let the word “mold” scare you, there are many beneficial varieties that give us penicillin, aged cheese, bread, soy sauce, and more.) Unlike cassava fermentation done by some farmers, our supplier’s  fermentation occurs in a production tank that controls the process and does not allow unwanted mold growth.

After the citric acid is created, it is purified to remove all the mold and then tested for possible contaminants, including yeast and mold. Part of the quality control testing for Re-Lyte involves additional testing for contaminants (including mold) after all the ingredients are mixed to make sure your jar or stick pack are safe.

If you prefer something without citric acid, try our Unflavored Re-Lyte or Re-Lyte Capsules.