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Is Nature’s Blend harmful to the environment?

Nature’s Blend is an OMRI-listed organic product that contains no added chemicals or dyes.

Nature’s Blend is nature’s perfect recipe for melting ice and snow and is an OMRI-listed organic product. It contains no added chemicals or dyes, and when used as recommended, Nature’s Blend runoff improves plant growth and does not harm wildlife. Here are some ways Nature’s Blend supports a healthy environment:

Breathe Easy: Nature’s Blend not only clears your driveway but also promotes clean air by reducing harmful particulates. You can use 40% less product compared to traditional rock salt for clearer paths, contributing to a healthier atmosphere during winter months.

Garden-Friendly: Give your plants and soil a treat! Nature’s Blend has 60+ trace minerals that not only melt ice but also, when applied as directed, nourish your soil and enhance plant growth. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and dyes, and hello to thriving vegetation.

Wildlife Health: Nature’s Blend is safe for our furry friends. In fact, farmers have used its unique mineral blend to nourish animals for decades.