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Does Nature’s Blend damage concrete?

The icy blast of winter takes its toll on concrete, but understanding how your concrete and deicer interact can make a big difference. Not all concrete is created equal; factors such as ingredient quality and curing conditions influence its durability. 

Unsealed concrete is porous, making it susceptible to freeze-thaw cycles, acids, and metal corrosion. The expansion caused by freezing moisture can lead to cracks, while acids and corrosion can deteriorate concrete over time. 

Nature’s Blend quickly melts ice to produce a salty brine that resists freezing, reducing the number of damaging refreezing cycles when compared to white salt deicers. It’s ammonia-free and contains over 60 trace minerals that buffer the salt’s effect on your concrete. Tests show it’s up to 70% less corrosive than regular rock salt.  For best results, do not over-apply. Apply a thin layer before a storm and another while shoveling.

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