What is the Remond Life return policy?

Our policy for refunds and returns is based on the golden rule

Returns and Refunds
Ideally you're going to love our products as much as our many passionate customers do, but we realize our stuff isn't for everyone. We have a pretty generous perspective at Redmond.

If you're disappointed by your purchase, let us know. You can chat with us from the bottom of any page on the Redmond Life website, email connect@redmond.life, or call 800.367.7258. 

Our return and refund policy is based on a few simple, familiar principles:

The Golden Rule
If we bought something online that wasn't what we had hoped, we would want to be able to return it for our money back. So that's what we'll do for you.

Of course the golden rule goes both ways, so we ask you not to take advantage of our generous policy. Consider this a virtual handshake, on-my-honor kind of system: You wouldn't want anyone to take advantage of your generosity, so don't take advantage of ours.

Think Generously
There's a good chance your order contains food and food-grade items that we can't resell after a return, so we usually can't accept returns.

In that case, we will offer to send you an item you might like better or refund the money you spent.

Since we can't use these kinds of returned items – and because return shipping burns more fuel and time and money – consider giving the item to a friend who might like it better.

Communicate Early and Often
Our customer experience team is focused on making your experience with Redmond great. That's a lot easier for them to do when you get in touch with us quickly and share as much detail as possible. It's harder for us to track down issues and make things right if we shipped your order months ago!

On our side, we love to understand why our products didn't connect with people who request refunds so we're going to ask some questions to see what we can learn from your experience. 

We aim to treat people the way we want to be treated, so our refund policy is generous. We'll refund your purchase if you aren't satisfied – as long as you aren't taking advantage of our policy – and look forward to learning from your experience so we can improve.

The COVID-19 Wildcard

To discourage fear-based purchases or hoarding, our refund policy will be less generous for certain orders between February 2020 and July 2020. (This restriction applies mostly to large quantity orders, bulk bags, and the like.) 


You can chat with us from the bottom of any page on the Redmond Life website, email connect@redmond.life, or call 800.367.7258.