What does the xylitol in Earthpowder do?

Research shows xylitol supports healthy teeth.

We use xylitol in Earthpowder for two important reasons: It gives Earthpowder a yummy flavor and it promotes healthy teeth. 

A 2017 research review found that xylitol was effective at helping to prevent tooth decay. Other research shows that xylitol can help reduce the frequency of cavities by increasing the flow of saliva in the mouth, increasing the pH level in the mouth, reducing the number of unhealthy bacteria in the mouth, and reducing gingival inflammation.

One of the primary ways xylitol helps reduce the number of unhealthy bacteria in your mouth is by cutting off their fuel source. The plaque-causing bacteria in your mouth typically use glucose for food, but they try to consume xylitol too (even though they're unable to use it for fuel). Once absorbed, the xylitol blocks their ability to consume glucose and causes these harmful bacteria to starve.

There are currently two primary sources of commercial xylitol— birch and corn. We use a combination of both in Earthpowder 

Birch xylitol is processed using the pulp from birch trees in paper mills in the US, Europe, and China. Birch isn't a GMO crop, so all birch xylitol is non-GMO. Corn is a common GMO crop. But we only use corn xylitol that's non-GMO certified.

Do you prefer a toothpowder without xylitol?

We know some people prefer to avoid xylitol due to sensitivities or other concerns. If you're one of them,  we recommend our Unsweetened Spearmint Earthpowder, which doesn't contain xylitol or any other sweeteners.

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