What does the water in Earthpaste do?

We use purified water in Earthpaste to keep it from drying out.

Of all the ingredients in a tube of Earthpaste, there's more water than anything else. And that's true of pretty much all toothpastes. They're all made up of somewhere between 20-42 percent water. Why? 

Because you need plenty of water in your toothpaste to keep it from drying out. No one wants to brush with dry, crumbly toothpaste (if you wanted something dry, you would have just bought toothpowder). 

Now, since water is such a prominent part of our Earthpaste formula, the source of the water we use is pretty important. As you probably know, not all water is created equal. If you've ever sipped on well water from the tap and one of those fancy artesian waters in glass bottles, you know that firsthand.  

We source the water we use in Earthpaste just as carefully as we source all of our ingredients. We only use purified water that goes through a multi-step filtration process. It's filtered with micron, charcoal, and UV, so every tube of Earthpaste contains the purest, healthiest water possible.