What does the sea salt in Earthpaste do?

Research shows salt could help keep mouth bacteria at bay.

You may have noticed that Earthpaste contains a small amount of our ancient sea salt Real Salt. Why is there salt in toothpaste?

Because salt supports oral health.

If you ever had a tooth extracted or other dental work done, your dentist might have told you to gargle with salt water. There's a good reason for that. Research shows salt sucks the water out of certain types of bacteria, which makes it impossible for them to survive.

This ability to act against bacteria makes salt very helpful for oral health since bacteria are behind most problems in your mouth. It's also why salt is often used to preserve meat and why gargling with salt water is a popular remedy for a sore throat too.

The Real Salt Difference

All in all, salt is a pretty helpful ingredient to include in your oral health regimen. And of course, in Earthpaste, we don't just use any kind of salt. We use Real Salt, unrefined ancient sea salt we mine in Redmond, Utah.

Real Salt contains over 60+ natural trace minerals, which gives it a unique color, unique flavor, and numerous health benefits. And, because this deposit comes from an ancient sea bed, our salt was created long before the earth experienced any pollution, and it's protected from modern pollution by a layer of bentonite clay.

There's no other salt like it on earth, and we think it's a great addition to our simple, clean, real, and effective toothpaste.