What does the menthol in Earthpowder do?

Menthol gives you a fresh, clean, minty aftertaste and supports a healthy mouth.

You've probably noticed that our Peppermint and Spearmint varieties of Earthpowder contain an ingredient called menthol. They only contain a very small amount of menthol (it's less than one-third of one percent of the recipe) But you may still be curious why we use it at all.

We use menthol because it makes your mouth feel refreshed. Menthol is a derivative of oils found in mint plants (typically, peppermint). So it gives you that fresh, clean, minty aftertaste so many of us love after we brush. But menthol has other benefits too.

Research shows menthol can act against certain strains of bacteria, which means it could help promote a healthy mouth. It's a popular ingredient in mouthwashes because it's thought to help reduce plaque buildup. And the cooling sensation it provides is often used to relieve oral discomfort caused by canker sores.

Where does our menthol come from?

For companies who don’t care much about clean products, there are plenty of synthetic processes available to produce cheap menthol. But clean products matter a lot here at Redmond, so the menthol we use is naturally derived.

We know a phrase like “naturally derived” sounds a bit like marketing trickery, so we'll lay it out more specifically: Redmond uses menthol produced without chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides. The menthol we use is planted, harvested, and distilled using traditional, natural methods. No chemicals. Nothing artificial.

Looking for menthol-free toothpowder?

Some people have sensitivities to menthol, no matter how naturally sourced. If you’re in that camp, we have two flavors available without menthol or any mint derivatives: Splashin' Citrus and Black Licorice. People love them both!