How do I mix Re-Lyte Hydration?

Here are two easy steps for mixing your Re-Lyte.

We want you to have the best possible experience with this awesome electrolyte mix. So, for your first rodeo, try the following:

  1. Mix one scoop of Re-Lyte Hydration with 16-18 oz. of water. If your Re-Lyte tastes saltier than you'd like, feel free to add a bit more water (or reduce the scoop size). If you want it a bit stronger, add less water. Remember this is all about you and your taste preference. Make it how you like it!
  2. Give it a good stir (or shake if you’re using a blender bottle), and voilà—refreshing, perfectly blended Re-Lyte! There may be some leftover sediment at the bottom of your container when you're all through with it. Don't worry about this. It's just natural trace minerals from our pure, unrefined sea salt. Real Salt contains 60+ nourishing trace minerals and not all of them are water-soluble.

Our Unflavored Re-Lyte has wonderful benefits, but it does have a very salty taste. Some people prefer to add in their favorite flavorings and/or sweeteners. You could also try adding it to your smoothie, juice, or morning cup of joe. For more information on Unflavored Re-Lyte, check out this blog post.