Will the silver in Redmond Clay Facial Mud and Charcoal Masks discolor my skin?

The silver in Redmond Clay Facial Mud and Charcoal Masks will not discolor your skin.

Each tube of our Redmond Clay Facial Mud and Charcoal Masks contains 5 parts per million (ppm) of nano silver. That means silver only makes up .0005% of each tube.

That's a very small and safe amount. But regardless, small amounts of nano silver doesn't discolor skin when applied externally or even when taken internally. Quite the opposite, actually...

Nano silver formulas have specific benefits when it comes to skin health. Research shows that nano silver can help reduce bacteria and inflammation on skin, which means it could offer support for a wide variety of skin conditions.

When taken internally in small amounts, nano silver isn’t metabolized by the body and is easily excreted without any residual buildup. That means you don't have to worry about those Blue Man stories you've come across (you know, the ones about the man who took large amounts of colloidal silver every day and turned blue). 

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