Why is the 10 lb. bucket of Real Salt out of stock?

Our 10 lb. buckets have gone back to product development for improvements and will be out of stock indefinitely.

We know a lot of people are big fans of our 10 lb. Real Salt Bucket. Unfortunately, this customer favorite creates a few challenges for us:

  • It's easily damaged in transit.
  • It needs to be hand-filled, which contributes to fulfillment delays.
  • It can be difficult for us to get due to supply chain issues.
  • It's expensive to fulfill and ship.

As a result, these buckets will be out of stock on our website indefinitely while our Product Development team does its best to solve these challenges. The buckets are still temporarily available on Amazon while supplies last.

It’s still too soon to say if (or when) we’ll be able to bring these beloved buckets back, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

In the meantime, we have exciting news— we added 10 lb. bags of Fine and Kosher Real Salt to our line of products! These bags are a great way for us to continue serving our customers who love buying Real Salt in bulk without all the complications we’ve faced selling buckets. Check out our new 10 lb. bags for yourself.