Why was the 6 lb. bucket of Redmond Clay discontinued?

Our clay buckets created some challenges for us, so we replaced them with 6 lb. bags.

We know a lot of people were big fans of our 6 lb. Redmond Clay Bucket. Unfortunately, this customer favorite created a few challenges for us:

  • It was easily damaged in transit.
  • It needed to be hand-filled, which contributed to fulfillment delays.
  • It was difficult for us to get due to supply chain issues.
  • It was expensive to fulfill and ship.

As a result, we discontinued these buckets and replaced them with 6 lb. bags of Redmond Clay. These bags are a great way for us to continue serving our customers who love buying Redmond Clay in bulk without the complications we faced selling buckets. Check out the 6 lb. bags for yourself.