Why are certain flavors of Re-Lyte out of stock?

We’re updating the Re-Lyte formula so it mixes easier, is fasting-friendly in every flavor, and keeps the electrolytes you need. While we finalize this update, Re-Lyte flavors will gradually go out of stock.

At Redmond Life, we believe in the power of small, consistent improvements. We’re always thinking about simple, practical ways to be better at what we do. Since launching Re-Lyte Electrolyte Mix nearly three years ago, we’ve continued to listen, learn, and think about ways we can bring you the best hydration mix possible.

Through our learning, we discovered that changing the type of calcium we use in the Re-Lyte formula would make it both easier to mix and completely calorie-free, so we’re working on this update now. We’re updating jars first and then moving to stick packs.

While we finalize this change and prepare to transition to the new formula, more flavors of Re-Lyte will gradually go out of stock. The good news is, this is only a temporary hiccup in availability. We’re getting ready to release the improved Re-Lyte formula in the near future. 

We know Re-Lyte has a dedicated base of passionate fans who use it daily and love the impact it has on their lives. We want to assure you that the only thing changing in the formula is the type of calcium. It will still be the same Re-Lyte you know and love. 

We also want to thank you for your patience this past year as we worked to keep up with the growing demand for our products, and now, as we make this exciting change to Re-Lyte. We hope that once you have an opportunity to try the easier-to-mix, fasting-friendly Re-Lyte formula, you’ll see it was worth the wait!

If you’re missing Re-Lyte while this change is underway, we have a great DIY electrolyte drink recipe you can make using Real Salt.

We’ll be updating the calcium throughout the entire Re-Lyte line in the coming months, which means there are exciting changes in store for Re-Lyte Immunity, Boost, and Pre-Workout too. Stay tuned!