Why am I being charged sales tax on my subscription orders?

Due to a glitch in our old subscription payment processor, subscribers weren’t charged sales tax like they should have been. Subscribers will be charged sales tax moving forward.

If you’ve been a subscription customer for a while, you may have noticed that your subscription orders didn’t include sales tax in the past. 

As much as we love helping our customers save a little money, this wasn’t something we did intentionally. In fact, as an online retailer, we’re required by law to charge a certain amount of sales tax in each state.

Subscribers weren’t charged sales tax because of a glitch in our old subscription payment processor. (We did pay the appropriate sales tax after the sale.) We recently upgraded our subscription payment processor, and subscription customers will be charged sales tax moving forward. Each state sets its own sales tax rate, so the amount of sales tax you’ll be charged depends on where you live. 

We understand that this change may come as a surprise to you, and we hope you know that it’s out of our control. We want to stay fully compliant with the law so we can continue to provide simple, clean, and real products that help you live your journey.

Thanks for your understanding and support!