What's the difference between Re-Lyte Energy Boost Capsules and Re-Lyte Boost Mix?

Re-Lyte Energy Boost Capsules and Re-Lyte Boost Mix have important formulation differences you'll want to consider.

We created Re-Lyte Energy Boost Capsules and Re-Lyte Boost Mix for the same purpose: to give you a clean, effective energy boost that helps you get through busy days. But that doesn’t mean these two products are formulated exactly the same. Here are some differences that can help you decide which Boost is right for you.

Capsules vs. Powder

The biggest difference between these two products is pretty darn obvious: one’s formulated as a powder and the other is formulated capsules. Each has its own benefits. Capsules are super convenient and portable, which means they’re easy to take with you anywhere and get your boost on the fly. But capsules take a little longer for your body to absorb. That means it may take longer for your energy boost to hit you than when you drink a mix like Re-Lyte Boost (the mix should hit within 15 minutes, while the capsules will take more like 20-30 minutes.) Some people also don't like swallowing capsules and prefer powder for that reason.

More or Less Caffeine

Our Re-Lyte Energy Boost Capsules contain 160 mg of caffeine from green tea extract per serving, while our Re-Lyte Boost Mix only contains 120 mg. We know everyone’s caffeine tolerance is different, so we wanted to provide options that meet everyone’s needs. People who feel like they need more of that instant boost extra caffeine provides can turn to the capsules for their everyday energy.

A Greater Variety of Natural Energizers

People who want some caffeine but also want to rely on a greater variety of energizers for short-term and long-term energy may prefer Re-Lyte Boost Mix for everyday energy support. That’s because it contains a few ingredients that aren’t in the capsules. In addition to ginseng and maca root (which are in both products), Re-Lyte Boost Mix contains the herbal energizers Rhodiola rosea and ashwagandha. Plus, it contains B-vitamins and beetroot extract, both of which have been shown to support cellular energy production.

More or Less Electrolytes

Re-Lyte Energy Boost Capsules contain slightly less electrolytes than Re-Lyte Boost Mix. The capsules, for example, contain 350 mg of sodium per serving vs 500 mg of sodium per serving in the mix. So your daily electrolyte needs are another factor to consider when you’re choosing between these two energy boost products. We know not everyone wants or needs as much based on their lifestyle and other daily sources of electrolytes.  

Which One's Right For You?

We recommend carefully considering all of these factors to decide which Boost is right for you. Of course, some people might want to have both Boost Capsules and Boost Mix on hand for different occasions. And that's cool too. Choose the best Boost for you!