What's the difference between Re-Lyte Electrolyte Mix and Re-Lyte Hydration?

Re-Lyte Electrolyte Mix got a new name, a new look, and a slightly different formula.

At Redmond Life, we’re always listening, learning, and working together to improve what we do. Through our learning, we discovered a few simple but exciting ways to improve Re-Lyte while keeping all the features that make it great. Here are the changes we made:

1. The Name

Re-Lyte Electrolyte Mix is now Re-Lyte Hydration. We think the new name makes it easier to understand Re-Lyte’s most important purpose— to keep you perfectly hydrated!

2. The Label

We redesigned the label so it looks sleeker and is easier to distinguish from the other products in our Re-Lyte line. 

3. The Calcium

Re-Lyte Hydration contains calcium carbonate instead of calcium lactate. There are a few benefits to calcium carbonate that motivated us to make the switch, like better mixability and fewer calories (you can read more about those below).

If you have concerns related to the quality, bioavailability, or side effects of calcium carbonate, we want to share some information that could help put your mind at ease. We only use the highest-quality, pharmaceutical-grade, purified calcium carbonate. You should also know that hydrating with Re-Lyte isn’t the same as taking calcium carbonate by itself. 

As Re-Lyte dissolves, the calcium carbonate interacts with the citric acid in our formula to create calcium citrate, which is the form of calcium that’s known to be most bioavailable and easiest on the stomach. You can learn more about why we chose to use calcium carbonate in Re-Lyte here.

4. How It Mixes

Thanks to the calcium change, Re-Lyte Hydration mixes quickly and easily. We were super excited to learn that this simple change would make Re-Lyte a whole lot easier to mix without adding anti-caking agents or other additives. 

5. The Calories

By switching to calcium carbonate, we reduced the calorie count in our flavored Re-Lyte varieties from five calories per serving to zero, so they’re more fasting-friendly than ever!

6. The Serving Size

Calcium carbonate is 40% calcium while calcium lactate is only 13% calcium. That means you need less calcium carbonate to get the same serving of calcium. As a result, Re-Lyte’s serving size (and the net weight of the jars) will decrease slightly. But you’ll still get the same amount of each electrolyte in a serving, and you’ll get the same number of servings per jar.

What Stayed the Same? Everything Else!

Rest assured, Re-Lyte Hydration is the simple, clean, and real electrolyte mix you know and love. We’re committed to using the same high-quality, effective ingredients and keeping the electrolyte ratio that keeps you feeling your best.

We’ll also be updating the look and formula of the rest of the Re-Lyte line in the coming months to make each product as helpful, intentional, and aligned with its mission as possible. Stay tuned!