What type of calcium do you use in Re-Lyte products?

Most Re-Lyte varieties contain calcium lactate or calcium carbonate.

Re-Lyte Pre-Workout, Boost, and Immunity contain 50 to 75 mg of calcium in the form of calcium lactate. 

Most of our Re-Lyte electrolyte capsules—Hydration Plus Caps, Energy Boost Caps, and Muscle Recovery Caps—contain 25 to 30 mg of calcium in the form of calcium lactate. 

Flavored varieties of Re-Lyte Hydration contain 60 mg of calcium in the form of calcium carbonate. Unflavored Re-Lyte Hydration and Re-Lyte Hydration Support Caps do not contain any calcium.

Calcium carbonate is a mined mineral, but the calcium carbonate we use is pharmaceutical grade and purified, which means it doesn’t come straight from the rock (a misconception we’ve heard).

Both the calcium lactate and calcium carbonate come from sources that follow Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMPs) guidelines to ensure their identity, strength, quality, and purity.

Why Do We Use Two Different Types of Calcium? 

Our original Re-Lyte Electrolyte Mix formula was made with calcium lactate, which adds a few calories per serving and is less favorable for our fasting community. 

The properties of calcium lactate also caused the powder to clump when mixed with water. This is a pain point for many customers, so we're in the process of gradually transitioning our entire Re-Lyte line over to calcium carbonate, which mixes better and contains zero calories. 

Calcium lactate is a little more bioavailable than calcium carbonate, but hydrating with Re-Lyte isn’t the same as taking calcium carbonate by itself.

As Re-Lyte dissolves, the calcium carbonate interacts with the citric acid (in flavored Re-Lyte) to create calcium citrate, which is the form of calcium that’s known to be most bioavailable and easiest on the stomach. You can learn more about why we chose to transition to calcium carbonate in Re-Lyte here.