What is ancient sea salt?

Real Salt comes from an ancient, underground salt deposit that gives it unique benefits.

In prehistoric times, there was an inland sea covering what is now Redmond, Utah, known as the Sundance Sea. That sea is gone, but it left behind a large, pristine, underground salt deposit—which is where we mine Real Salt. 

Since Real Salt comes from an ancient, underground salt deposit, we consider it ancient sea salt. And this ancient sea salt has a lot of advantages over its more modern counterparts. First off, it's protected from modern pollutants like microplastics by layers of volcanic ash and clay.

It's also filled with 60+ healthy trace minerals that are naturally found in this one-of-a-kind salt deposit. These minerals give it unique health benefits and a delicious, subtly sweet taste.

We leave our ancient sea salt just the way nature made it long ago. That means we don't add popular modern-day additives like dextrose (sugar), anti-caking agents, or iodine. This ancient sea salt is truly the same as it was millions of years ago.

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