What does the water in Redmond Clay Charcoal and Facial Masks do?

We use purified water to keep the Redmond Clay hydrated while it waits for the opportunity to work its magic.

Water is the primary ingredient in Redmond Clay Charcoal Masks and Facial Mud because it keeps the Redmond Clay moist, which is necessary for two reasons. First, it allows you to apply an even layer on your skin (a crumbly, powdery mess would be difficult to keep on your face). Second, and most importantly, is that much of the cleansing and purifying work happens as the mask dries.

When Redmond Clay dries, it adsorbs (causes other atoms and molecules to stick to it), absorbs (pulls atoms and molecules into itself, like an absorbent towel), thus drawing chemicals, pollutants, oil, dirt, and impurities from your pores.  This adsorbing and absorbing power would be minimal or nonexistent if you tried it with dry clay.   

We take pride in using clean ingredients and the source of the water we use is no exception, especially because water is such a prominent part of our Redmond Clay Facial Masks.  As you probably know, not all water is created equal. If you've ever sipped on well water from the tap and one of those fancy artesian waters in glass bottles, you know that firsthand.

We source the water we use in Redmond Clay Facial and Charcoal Masks just as carefully as we source all of our ingredients. We only use purified water that goes through a multi-step filtration process. It’s filtered with micron, charcoal, and UV, so every tube contains the purest, cleanest water possible.