What does the Rosmarinus officinalis (Salvia Rosmarinus) extract in Redmond Clay Cucumber Charcoal Mask do?

Rosmarinus officinalis (aka rosemary) extract has powerful antioxidant activity that can support healthy skin.

Most of us think of rosemary as one of the fragrant herbs included in our favorite Italian seasoning mix. While it does make bread, sauces, and other foods taste amazing, it's also a powerful therapeutic herb. 

There has been an impressive amount of research focused on rosemary and a long list of science-based benefits linked to the various compounds it contains.  Redmond Clay Cucumber Charcoal Mask includes rosemary extract made from whole fresh rosemary leaves using supercritical CO2 extraction.  

Skin health depends on a variety of factors—genes, diet, lifestyle (including stress!), contaminants in the air, and of course sun exposure.  At the heart of some of these factors are “free radicals”—atoms or molecules with an unpaired electron.  

Free radicals want to find a partner for their unpaired electron(s) and go around trying to force other molecules and atoms, including those in your skin cells, to share their electrons, damaging or weakening DNA and other parts of the cell in the process.  Antioxidants, such as those found in rosemary extract, bind to free radicals and prevent or delay their efforts to bind to molecules in your cells. 

In addition to its powerful antioxidant activity, rosemary has skin-soothing properties that can ease temporary redness and discomfort, as well as a pleasant scent that can promote relaxation and alertness.