Why is there red cabbage leaf extract in Re-Lyte Immunity?

It contains a natural pigment that gives Blackberry Re-Lyte Immunity a rich, reddish-purple hue.

We're not fans of artificial colors around here, which means you'll never find Red 40, Yellow 5, Blue 2, or any other synthetic colors in our products. When we want to give our products an exciting splash of color, we turn to nature. In our Blackberry Re-Lyte Immunity, we used red cabbage leaf extract to give it a rich, reddish-purple hue. 

Red cabbage leaf extract (which literally comes from the leaves on a head of red cabbage) contains a compound called anthocyanin, which is an antioxidant and natural pigment.

In addition to providing an appealing pop of color, the antioxidants in red cabbage (also known as purple cabbage) are known to support healthy inflammation levels. Plus, red cabbage contains a variety of other nutrients that contribute to good health, like fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, and vitamin B6.

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