What does the organic red pepper in Real Salt Organic Wasatch Steak Seasoning do?

Organic red pepper gives our steak seasoning the perfect amount of spicy bite.

In our opinion, steak tastes better with a subtle spicy kick, which is why we included organic red pepper in our Wasatch Steak Seasoning.

Cayenne, ancho chili, paprika, and red pepper all come from the Capsicum plant family, but each member of this family has unique differences. What we know as ”red pepper” is typically made from a variety of peppers in the family rather than just one. It does, however, often include cayenne pepper as a base. 

Red pepper is usually less spicy than cayenne and ancho chili and spicier than paprika (although every blend may vary). Like other peppers in the Capsicum family, red pepper is high in antioxidants, which gives it a variety of health benefits

We take great care in sourcing organic spices from companies that adhere to strict USDA federal regulations for organic food-grade products, and that includes our red pepper. The red pepper we use is also non-GMO and kosher-certified.

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