What does the nano or colloidal silver in Redmond Clay Facial Mud do?

Silver has purifying and soothing properties that leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed.

Silver has been used for a variety of medical purposes for centuries. As early as 400 B.C. (many centuries before humans understood that microbes caused infections), Hippocrates used silver to promote healing in wounds and to treat ulcers. Natural colloidal silver has been used as an antibiotic since the late 1800s. It was a popular medical tool for cleaning wounds and handling infections until antibiotics became widespread in the 1940s.  

Now, just because people used a particular treatment in 400 BC doesn't mean it's a good idea; there are lots of old treatments that were rightly abandoned! However, when it comes to silver, doctors of the past were on to something. Modern research supports many of these longtime uses.

When it comes specifically to supporting skin wellness, nano silver has been shown to act against impurities, provide powerful antioxidant activity, and soothe temporary redness and irritation.

What exactly is nano or colloidal silver? 

A colloid is a mixture where tiny particles of one ingredient are dispersed or suspended through another ingredient.  In the case of nano or colloidal silver, it's a mixture of water and small silver particles.  "Nano silver" is the term used to describe a type of colloidal silver where the silver particles are especially tiny (less than 100 nm).  ("Nano" in this sense refers to the size; it has nothing to do with computer chips or technology.)  We added true nano silver to Redmond Clay Facial Mud because the minuscule particle size has bigger benefits.

The company that manufactures our nano silver has developed a more advanced manufacturing process for creating nano silver.  Since the process is proprietary, we can't share the entire method from start to finish. But we can tell you that they run extremely high voltage electricity through multiple silver rods to produce the microscopic silver particles that make it so effective. 

Is silver safe?

Even though we believe that nano silver has some amazing properties for skin health, we also realize it’s one of those ingredients that people have questions about. Maybe you’ve heard stories of the “Blue Man” who drank large amounts of homemade colloidal silver each day. We have too.

But the nano silver in our Facial Mud and Charcoal Masks is completely different. The type of colloidal silver we’ve chosen isn’t metabolized by the body and is easily excreted without any residual buildup.  Simply put, the nano-sized particles in the colloidal silver we use are different from the "Blue Man's" homemade colloidal silver. 

Finally, keep in mind that each tube of Facial Mud and Masks contains a very small amount of nano silver—5 parts per million (ppm). That means silver only makes up around 0.0005% of each tube. 

Still have questions? Reach out and let us know. We’re here to help!