What does the nano silver in Earthpaste do?

Silver has been used in medicine and dentistry for more than 100 years and makes Earthpaste more effective at delivering a clean, healthy mouth.

Silver has been used for a variety of medical purposes over the years. It's been used in wound dressings, creams, and coatings for medical devices because of its proven antimicrobial properties. Colloidal silver, in particular, was a popular medical tool for cleaning wounds and handling infections until antibiotics became widespread in the 1940s.

What is colloidal silver, exactly?

It's a mixture of water and tiny silver particles. Today, colloidal silver is often referred to as nano silver (although, not everything labeled "colloidal silver" qualifies as nano silver). The silver particles in nano silver are especially tiny (less than 100 nm), and their minuscule size gives nano silver bigger benefits.

Studies show, for example, that nano silver's small particle size allow it to penetrate cell membranes more effectively and perform more antimicrobial functions. What does this mean for oral health? Well, bad breath, cavities, and gum infections are all the result of bacteria and other problematic microbes in the mouth. So, a toothpaste with a little nano silver can help your mouth win the daily battle against these critters.

Is silver safe?

Even though we believe that nano silver has some amazing properties for oral health, we also realize it’s one of those ingredients that people have questions about. Maybe you’ve heard stories of the “Blue Man” who drank large amounts of colloidal silver each day. We have too.

But the nano silver in Earthpaste is completely different for a few reasons. First off, the type of colloidal silver we’ve chosen isn’t metabolized by the body and is easily excreted without any residual buildup.

Earthpaste also only contains a minuscule amount of silver. Each tube of Earthpaste contains 2 parts per million (ppm) of nano silver. That means silver only makes up .0002% of each tube. 

Our Quality Guarantee

We did a lot of research when it came to sourcing our silver, and we chose the highest quality nano silver we could find. The company that manufactures our nano silver has developed a more advanced manufacturing process for creating nano silver, and their proprietary technology has multiple patents registered in several countries throughout the world.

Through a clean, chemical-free process, they use extremely high voltage electricity run through multiple silver rods to produce the microscopic silver particles that make it so effective.

The proprietary technology used to create this silver makes it safer and more effective than other forms of silver. It's backed by 420 independent third-party studies, is more bioavailable, isn’t metabolized by the body, and is easily excreted without any residual buildup.

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