What does the maca root in Re-Lyte Pre-Workout do?

Maca root is an adaptogen that can support healthy energy levels, exercise performance, and recovery.

Maca root comes from the maca plant, a cruciferous vegetable that’s native to Peru. It's often dried, turned into powder, and taken medicinally because it has a wide range of health benefits, including its ability to support healthy energy levels, exercise performance, and recovery. That’s why we included it in Re-Lyte Pre-Workout.

Maca is an adaptogen, which means it helps your body respond better to all types of stress. By improving your body’s resilience to stress, it can help reduce overall fatigue when taken consistently over time. Research shows that maca can increase energy in male rats and make men feel like they have more energy. 

Maca also contains 18 amino acids that can support exercise performance and muscle recovery.  That may be why a  2009 study found that athletes who took maca for 14 days performed better in a 40 km cycling course.

Maca has a proven ability to make you feel better mentally too. Research shows that maca powder can make people feel less anxious and depressed, which could have a positive impact on energy levels and your motivation to work out.

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