What does the ginseng root in Re-Lyte Boost do?

Ginseng root is an adaptogen that can improve your body's resilience to stress and support healthy energy levels.

We’ve included Asian ginseng root extract in our Re-Lyte Energy Boost because of its ability to provide a balanced energy boost. 

Asian ginseng has been a popular herb in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. American ginseng is known for its relaxing effect, but Asian ginseng is more invigorating. Research shows that ginseng can increase energy levels in people feeling weak and tired, including people with chronic fatigue and people receiving cancer treatment.

This invigorating effect could potentially be from a variety of properties in ginseng root. Ginseng is an adaptogen, which means it helps your body adapt to all forms of stress better. By helping your body handle stress, it frees up energy that could make you feel more invigorated. 

Ginseng also contains compounds like polysaccharides and oligopeptides that have been linked to less oxidative stress and better cellular energy production in animal studies. That means these compounds could potentially contribute to the energy boost ginseng provides too.

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