What do the B-vitamins in Re-Lyte Boost Do?

B vitamins act as enzyme boosters and essential vitamins for healthy energy.

Re-Lyte Boost wouldn't be complete without B-vitamins since they play such an important role in supporting healthy energy levels. In Re-Lyte Boost, we couple the powerful B12 with the equally essential B3 and B6. Here's how each supports your energy and overall wellness:

B3 - niacin: 

The breakdown B-vitamin! Every day, B3 works to break down our food and turn it into energy. It acts alongside other Re-Lyte Boost ingredients to promote essential bodily processes and convert what we digest into usable, functional bodily power. In fact, over 400 enzymes depend on B3 to react and function properly!

B6 - pyridoxine: 

In addition to helping break down proteins, carbs, and fats for energy, B6 has been widely studied and recommended for its role in disease prevention and brain health. An immune system workhorse, B6 is also commonly recommended by doctors as a treatment for pregnancy-induced nausea.

B12 - cobalamin: 

B12 is an essential nutrient that supports healthy blood and DNA production. It’s also needed to form red blood cells and aids in brain development. B12 helps to fight anemia, disease, and boost an overall healthy immune system. 

Together, B-vitamins support critical brain and bodily functions, energy levels, and cell health. We chose B3, B6, and B12 for Re-Lyte Boost because of how well they work together, and how well they complement Boost’s other active ingredients.

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