What are some ways to use Apple Pecan Smoked Real Salt?

It’s perfect on chicken, seafood, pork, and desserts.

Apple Pecan Smoked Salt tastes great on anything you want to add a subtly sweet, nutty, smoked flavor to. It’s the perfect complement to chicken, seafood, pork, and desserts. We recommend trying it on a rimmed glass of hot chocolate or cider. Like all of our smoked salts, it’s also great for all of these uses:

  • Adding an instant BBQ flavor to dishes without grilling.
  • Making healthy snacks like salads, fresh veggies, and fruit more exciting.
  • Spicing up everyday foods like grilled cheese, soup, and eggs.
  • Creating smoky sauces and marinades.
  • Making a smoky, flavorful meat rub.
  • Topping off cocktails in a creative way.
  • Giving your desserts a sweet-smoky-salty contrast.

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