Is Re-Lyte Immunity safe to take with medications?

We recommend talking to your doctor before taking Re-Lyte Immunity if you're on medications.

We did a lot of research to make sure every ingredient and dosage in Re-Lyte Immunity is incredibly safe. But even so, that doesn't change the fact that certain vitamins, minerals, and herbs can make certain medications not work as effectively. We recommend talking to your doctor if you're on medications before you start taking any new supplement, including Re-Lyte Immunity. You can get a full overview of the ingredients and dosages in Re-Lyte Immunity to share with your doctor on the Immunity product page.

WebMD's Vitamins and Supplements Center also offers a good summary of common vitamins and supplements that includes a list of their drug interactions. You can use that to get some initial information about whether the medications you're taking are safe to take with the active ingredients in Re-Lyte. But even if you choose to do your own research, we still think it's good to consult with a trusted health provider to be safe.