Is Re-Lyte Boost for weight loss?

Re-Lyte Boost isn't specifically for weight loss but contains an ingredient that could support it.

We created Re-Lyte Boost for anyone who needs a little more energy in their life but doesn’t want to turn to conventional energy drinks that contain artificial, unhealthy ingredients. We didn’t specifically create Boost for people who want to lose weight. But there is one ingredient in Boost that’s been known to support people in their weight loss journey: green tea extract.

Research shows that antioxidants in green tea extract called catechins combined with caffeine may promote a faster metabolism. One 2005 study found that people who took a capsule that included caffeine, the catechin EGCG from green tea, and guarana extract before their meals burned 179 more calories in a 24-hour period than people who didn’t. And a 2009 research review determined that green tea supplements containing catechins and caffeine did improve weight loss and weight management slightly.

All that said, there have also been other studies that found green tea extract didn’t have a significant effect on metabolism or weight. So the research is mixed. 

We think Re-Lyte Boost is a great way to keep yourself motivated and moving, which in the grand scheme of things, could help you reach your weight goals. But, as you probably know, the two most important factors in any weight loss journey will always be a healthy diet and a rock-solid exercise strategy.