Is Earthpaste organic and non-GMO?

All of the ingredients in Earthpaste are simple, clean, real, and non-GMO. Although, they aren't certified organic.

Earthpaste is not certified organic, but we source our ingredients very carefully to ensure they live up to our simple, clean, and real standards.

A lot of clean companies (ourselves included) choose not to get the USDA's official organic stamp of approval because it's expensive and comes with prohibitive rules that don't always make sense.

Did you know, for example, that wild-harvested ingredients aren't allowed in certified organic products? We don't know about you, but we think wild-harvested ingredients fall squarely in the simple, clean, and real category. This is just one example of why organic certification may not work for some clean companies (there are plenty more).

Here's what we can guarantee about Earthpaste (and all Redmond Life products): We only use ingredients that are real, from the earth, and non-GMO.

We know how important this guarantee is to you and your family because it's just as important to us and ours.