How spicy are the Taco, Chili Lime, Wasatch Steak, and Red Rock BBQ Seasonings?

Depending on your spice tolerance, Chili Lime and Taco may be a little spicy. Red Rock BBQ and Wasatch Steak are pretty mild.

Spice or heat level is very subjective— what's mild to one person may be super spicy to someone else. Our seasonings use high-quality, pure pepper or chili powders, not blends, so they may have a bit more heat than some standard seasonings. But the spice difference isn’t drastic.

This means our Chili Lime and Taco may be a little spicier than similar options you find in the store, but they won’t satisfy your craving for heat if you’re a capsaicin lover.

Red Rock BBQ has some black pepper and paprika. Spice-wise, it’s pretty mild.

Wasatch Steak has a mix of organic black, white, and red peppers, giving it a delicious peppery flavor. You probably won’t consider it all that spicy unless a little pepper is all the spice you need.