How does the Real Salt Brine Kit contain zero grams of sugar if coconut sugar is an ingredient?

The Brine Kit contains such a small amount of sugar per serving that it gets rounded down to zero grams on our nutrition facts panel per FDA guidelines.

We chose to include coconut sugar in our Real Salt Brine Kit because it creates a sweet and salty balance of flavor and gives your turkey (or other meat) a delicious crispy skin. Why then does the nutrition facts panel say it contains zero grams of sugar per serving?

Well, there’s very little sugar in this clean brining blend, especially when you consider that you're not consuming the entire package in one serving. One package is used to brine 12-18 lbs. of meat (way, way too much for most folks to take down in one sitting).

So how much sugar is in one serving? There are 0.26 grams of coconut sugar in a serving of the brine kit. Since this is less than 0.5 grams per serving, it gets rounded to zero according to FDA guidelines. The entire package contains 100 grams of sugar total (but once again, you’d never consume the entire package at once because it’s used to brine A LOT of meat).

We hope this helps you make the best decision for your dietary needs. If you’re trying to avoid all sugar (even in trace amounts), we know that some sugar-free folks make a brine using just our Kosher Real Salt and herbs. A quick Google search will give you plenty of sugar-free brining recipes to experiment with!