How does Re-Lyte Immunity compare to other immunity mixes?

It only contains clean, simple ingredients and has more electrolytes than some other immunity mixes.

If you look at the label of some popular immunity mixes, you'll see ingredients that don't exactly fit into a clean and healthy lifestyle, like sucrose, fructose, silicon dioxide, and preservatives. We made Re-Lyte Immunity with clean, simple ingredients and sweetened it lightly with zero-calorie stevia, so you can support your immunity without compromising your standards. 

Re-Lyte Immunity also contains more electrolytes than some other immunity mixes, and electrolyte balance is critical to a well-functioning immune system. As an example, one of the leading immunity mix brands (we won't name names) contains far less of three important electrolytes. It contains 65 mg of sodium, 200 mg of potassium, and no chloride. Re-Lyte Immunity contains 490 mg of sodium, 330 mg of potassium, and 770 mg of chloride.