How does Re-Lyte Immunity compare to other immunity mixes?

It only contains clean, simple ingredients and has more of the electrolytes sodium and chloride than some other immunity mixes.

If you look at the labels of some popular immunity mixes, you'll see ingredients that don't exactly fit into a clean and healthy lifestyle, like sucrose, fructose, silicon dioxide, and preservatives. We made Re-Lyte Immunity with clean, simple ingredients and sweetened it lightly with stevia so you can support your immune health without compromising your standards. 

Re-Lyte Immunity contains more of the electrolytes, sodium, and chloride than some other immunity mixes too, and electrolyte balance is critical to a healthy immune system. Immunity also only includes high-quality vitamin C sourced from acerola fruit, amla fruit, and rose hips. It's a great choice for clean, daily immune support! Try it for yourself.