Can kids drink Re-Lyte Hydration?

Here are the electrolyte guidelines for children provided by the National Institutes of Health.

We include a lot of electrolytes in Re-Lyte Hydration, so you may wonder how it may affect the smaller people in your life. Is Re-Lyte Hydration safe for kids?

The National Institutes of Health has established suggested maximum daily amounts for a variety of ingredients and different age groups. Here's a summary of the electrolytes you'll find in Re-Lyte Hydration.


Amount in Re-Lyte

NIH Upper Limit


60 mg (Flavored)

0 mg (Unflavored)

2500 mg Children 1-8

3000 mg Children 9-18


50 mg (Flavored)

60 mg (Unflavored)

65 mg Children 1-3

110 mg Children 4-8

350 mg Children 9-18


1280 mg (Flavored)

1585 mg (Unflavored)

Not Established


810 mg (Flavored)

1000 mg (Unflavored) 

No Information


400 mg (Flavored)

500 mg (Unflavored)

Not Established

If you have questions about how any product might affect children, we recommend checking with a trusted healthcare professional.