Why does Re-Lyte have so much salt?

Even when you're not sweating, your body needs salt.

Our cells can't do what our bodies need without salt. Most electrolyte drinks use cheap processed salt that tastes bad so they can't actually replace what our bodies lose when we sweat – which means most electrolyte drinks can't get the job done.

Re-Lyte Electrolyte Mix uses delicious, unrefined Real Salt brand sea salt – we can deliver 2x the sodium and still taste great!

Isn't salt bad for us?

If you're thinking of processed, white table salt (even a brand with a fancy "sea salt" label on it) you'll want to take it easy on salt. Nutritionists understand that our bodies sometimes rely on just the right combination of nutrients or minerals: calcium is much more effective when combined with vitamin D, folate makes vitamin B12 more useful, and potassium helps sodium do its job – without the downsides that triggered so many warnings about salt in the 1990s.

"Our bodies were meant to function optimally with adequate mineral levels and adequate salt intake. Only the use of unrefined salt can provide both of these factors.”

-Dr. David Brownstein

Re-Lyte Electrolyte is formulated by health and fitness experts to include a 2:1 sodium: potassium ratio, plus magnesium, chloride, calcium, and 60+ more trace minerals.

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