When will the 32 oz Real Salt Organic Season Salt be back in stock?

Our 32 oz Real Salt Organic Season Salt is currently out of stock because of a worldwide mustard seed shortage.

Love a little mustard on your hot dog or hamburger? Then you may have heard that we’re in the middle of a worldwide mustard seed shortage.

Drought conditions in Western Canada (the world’s largest mustard seed exporter) and the Northern U.S. (a small but still important source of mustard seed) are making it harder for food manufacturers to get their hands on mustard seed. But this shortage doesn’t just impact everyone’s favorite yellow condiment. It impacts the seasonings we make here at Redmond Life too. 

Mustard seed is one of the ingredients in Real Salt Organic Season Salt. Due to the mustard seed shortage, our 32 oz Real Salt Organic Season Salt is currently out of stock. Because we can’t predict how long the shortage will last, it’s hard to say when this customer favorite will be available again. There’s a chance this situation could impact the availability of Organic Season Salt shakers in the near future too. The good news is, our supplier was able to place a mustard seed order on our behalf. But at this point, they still couldn't give us an estimated arrival date.

Even though there’s nothing we can do to fix the shortage, we are doing everything we can on our end to provide the products you’ve come to love and rely on. We’re even experimenting with a version of our Organic Season Salt that doesn’t contain mustard seed just in case the shortage is long-term.

We’re hoping, though, that the mustard seed situation will improve soon, so we can keep making our delicious Organic Season Salt the way it was meant to be— with the tangy, mouthwatering flavor of mustard seed!