When will Redmond Facial Mud be back in stock?

Looking for Redmond Clay Facial Mud?

We have taken our Redmond Facial Mud product back into our Research and Development team and it will remain on an extended out of stock. Why the change? We are making some minimal and simple changes to make an already great product even better. We can't wait to share more once our R&D team give us the thumbs up.
You don't have to stay empty handed. We currently have our Charcoal Mud Face masks available and our Redmond Clay Powder serves as a great option by simply mixing with water (among other ingredients if preferred) to customize your facial.
Learn more here: https://www.redmondclay.com/2018/the-best-diy-bentonite-clay-mask-for-every-skin-type/
Thanks for your loyalty and support of Redmond Life products. As always, we are committed to providing you with simple-clean-real products and look forward to sharing what's to come...stay tuned.