When will Redmond Clay Facial Mud, the Cucumber Charcoal Clay Mask, and the Mint Charcoal Clay Mask be back in stock?

All three products will be back this summer with new and improved formulas.

Our Redmond Facial Mud, Cucumber Charcoal Mask, and Mint Charcoal Mask will all be back in stock this summer with new and improved formulas. Why the change? Because we're adding nano silver to them, so they have more skin-soothing and clearing power.

For years, nano silver has been used for medical purposes because of its anti-bacterial properties. Those properties make it a simple, clean, and real alternative to some of the chemical ingredients found in other skincare products and a great addition to any natural personal care routine…..including yours!

We think this addition makes our products more effective than ever, and we’re super psyched for you to experience the new formulas for yourself.

In the meantime, you don't have to stop pampering your skin with clay. Our Redmond Clay Powder is always a great option. Just mix it with water and any other ingredients you like in your facial. Here are a few DIY face mask ideas you can use for inspiration:

Thanks so much for your patience as we make these facial mud products even more amazingly effective. We look forward to sharing these exciting new facial mask formulas with you soon. Stay tuned!