What does the manganese in Re-Lyte Immunity do?

Manganese is an essential nutrient that supports joint health, bone health, nervous system function, and immune function.

Did you know manganese occurs naturally in the body? Trace amounts of it are found in our kidneys, liver, bones, and pancreas (though the amount— about 20 mg— isn’t enough to sustain all that it is required to do). That’s why it’s important to introduce manganese through natural food and supplement sources like seeds, nuts, legumes, whole grains, and (our favorite!) Re-Lyte Immunity. 

Manganese is a natural mineral that supports multiple bodily processes. In fact, the body wouldn't be able to perform a wide variety of essential functions without it, including breaking down protein, carbs, and cholesterol and mounting a proper immune response.

Manganese also works to fortify our joints, support brain function, aid nerve function, and help our bones, tendons, and muscles stay strong. Manganese deficiency is common, dependent on diet, and can lead to osteoporosis, arthritis, and more. 

The manganese we use in Re-Lyte Immunity is specially referred to as manganese gluconate. It is a GMO-free salt made up of manganese and gluconic acid. It's an easily absorbed form of manganese, which makes it ideal for supplements and dietary products. 

We included manganese along with the other Re-Lyte Immunity ingredients to keep our bodies, minds, and (most importantly) our immune systems in tip-top shape.

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